Gnumeric 0.62

Gnumeric 0.62 aka 'stork attack' is now available.  I currently consider
this a development release.  It has a number of important fixes for 0.61 but
it also includes a fair amount of new code.  If after one week things seem as
stable as our testing suggested I'll upgrade the status.

This version of Gnumeric includes the first of 3 steps designed to improve
performance and scalability.  We can now comfortably load 1M cells onto a slow
machine with 128Meg.  It also includes some initial steps toward improving

PACKAGERS BE CAREFUL!  The structure of the plugin directories has changed.

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

	* Rewrite the style engine to improve performance.      (Jody)
	* Fix bugs in SheetObjects, Text Import, Applix Import. (Zbigniew, Jody)
	* Search and replace dialog.                            (Morten, JPablo)
	* Finish merge cell support.       		        (Jody)
	* Dynamicly disable commands that would be mistakes.    (Almer)
	* Improve file save dialog.                             (Jon Kåre)
	* Greatly improve and generalise plugin architecture.   (Zbigniew)
	* Rewrite border drawing and printing.                  (Jody, Almer)
	* Plug some leaks.                                      (Morten)
	* Internationalisation support for autoformat.          (Zbigniew)
	* Improve range selection.                              (Jody)
	* Improve stability of floating point error handling.   (Morten)
	* More tuning for the text importer.                    (Almer)
	* Improve pixel matching of XL import.                  (Jody)
	* Cleaned up gnumeric-bonobo's GUI.                     (Morten)
	* Add option to manage printing ranges with only styles (Jody)

* Translations

	* ca (Pablo), de (Karl), hu (Szabolcs), it (Leandro),
          ru (Valek), sk (Stanislav), sv (Christian), tr (Fatih)
	  Track some mis-translations for es (Jody)

* Availability

NOTE : Please do not package or submit bug reports for gnumeric-bonobo.  Bonobo
       has been frozen for GNOME 1.4 but has not yet become part of the
       official platform.  It is fairly stable but not yet the default build.

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