Announce: Spat 1.0 Intranet Messenger

*What Spat is:
 Spat is a lightweight, GNOME-compliant Intranet Messaging Application.
Version 1.0 is stable and will be included in upcoming SuSE releases. This
Intranet Messaging System was developed to easily install and run on a
TCP/IP network

 Spat was designed with the User in mind and includes peer-to-peer
messaging and group chat. This messaging system needs little or no
configuration whatsoever. Use is simple too. Just run the application and
select the  user you want to send a message to. With Spat there is no need
to remember IP Addresses.

*What Spat is not:
 Spat is NOT an Internet IM.  It was designed for internal use by
organizations and groups who require a more secure way of instant


 Contact the author: jess codehost com

Contributed by:
Trent Carlyle
trent codehost com

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