GNOME 1.4 Weekly Update

Hello fans of The GNOME Project,

This is the first installment of a weekly update on the progress of
the GNOME 1.4 "not yet named" release.  Work on this release is
progressing rapidly, with the first beta release currently scheduled
for this Saturday (February 17).

For package maintainers:

    Maintainers of packages that will be included in this beta *must*
    provide tarballs by the end of Thursday.  Please mail
    gnome-1 4-release-team gnome org with information on where to find
    the tarball.

    Anybody who is packaging GNOME packages with documentation in it
    should install scrollkeeper 0.0.5 or later:

    Dan will write up instructions on using ScrollKeeper soon.  Keep
    an eye on the news on the GDP web page for an announcement of
    these instructions:

    GNOME 1.4 will use Nautilus' gnome-db2html2 converter to display
    SGML documents.  Please make sure that the SGML documents are
    being installed in addition to the HTML.  Also make sure that the
    SGML is compliant with the 1.4 guidelines:

    Also, don't forget to mail gnome-i18n gnome org a couple of days
    (which is right now, actually) before making your final tarball
    for the beta.

For i18n and doc people:

    A list of the branches for the different modules being released is
    available in the releng module of GNOME cvs, or from lxr:

    Don't worry if everything isn't done by the first beta :)

For testers:

    The GNOME 1.4 beta process will include a list of tests for many
    of the applications.  This will be made available later this week,
    and more information about this will be made at that time.

That's all for now; more information about the release will be
available later this week.

The GNOME 1.4 Release Team  <gnome-1 4-release-team gnome org>

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