ANNOUNCE: Bonobo 0.37 released ...

        Ximian ( in conjunction with some honorary monkeys ) is happy to
announce that yet another Bonobo: 0.37 - 'Monkey Business' is now 
available.  This fixes a few super annoying bugs, and moves us nearer to
1.0 which is still waiting on Federico's focus fixage.
* What Changed ?
        * Fix Bonobo Zoomable (Michael Engber)
        * Documentation fixage (John Sheets)
        * Any serialization xml supports aliases (Dietmar)
        * Listener / Event Source fixes (Dan Winship)
        * Bonobo Control fixage (Dan Winship)
        * UI str compare fixage (Darin Adler)
        * Cleanup config dialog (Cody Russell)
        * Publicised XObject type & bits (Me)
* Availability

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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