ANNOUNCE: Gnomoku 1.0 "Crouching X, Hidden O"


Gnomoku 1.0 is available at

Gnomoku is a Gomoku game using the GTK+ widget toolkit (thru GTK--) and
the GNOME stock UI functions. It can be played either by two players
via a TCP/IP network, or against a computer AI opponent (based on
Emacs' gomoku engine).

        * New translations: fi (Jarkko Ranta), zh_TW (Li Wei Jih)
        * Build fixes

Gnomoku depends on GTK-- and GNOME-- 1.2, GTK+ 1.2 and the October
GNOME platform.

   .--= ULLA! =----------------------------.  finger cactus cactus rulez org
   \           \   for PGP public key
    `----------= cactus cactus rulez org =--'
To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target.

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