ANNOUNCE: RadioActive 1.1 "Be keyboard-controllable, or don't be"

Dear users of fiendish C++ technologies for listening to the radio,

RadioActive is a GTK---based radio program for radio tuner cards
supported by the Video4Linux system. A new release is available at

It is basically the same as the 1.0 release, with some auxillary

	* Keyboard control, also enables infra-red remote controlling
          (see README.lirc) (Chun-Chung Chen)
	* No longer needs separate ~/.radioactive/ directory; stores
          station information in the ~/.gnome/RadioActive file
          (old station information is automatically imported)
	* New translations: es (Cesar Perez), it (Francesco Brisa),
	  sv (Christian Rose)
	* Updated translations: tr (Fatih Demir)
	* Build fixes

RadioActive requires a Video4Linux-enabled kernel. This appeared
sometime in the 2.1 series, but the current stable (2.2) series is
just fine.

Besides the kernel, you'll also need GTK-- and Gnome-- version 1.2.0, GTK+
version 1.2 and October GNOME. The panel applet version also needs the
Panel-- library, available at
and soon in the GNOME 1.4 distribution.

Happy radioactivity,


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