ANNOUNCE Pan 0.9.3 "Ape Law"

Pan 0.9.3, "Ape Law", has been released.
It can be found at
What is Pan?
        Pan is a newsreader for GNOME. It has many features for easy reading
        and posting, displaying and saving attachments, and offline
        newsreading. It's the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect
        score on the Good Newskeeping Seal of Approval. See the features page
        at for the sales pitch.
New in 0.9.3
        This is the first version of Pan since its cancellation three months
        ago by Napster at the RIAA's request.  Pan's authors have left Napster
        for greener pastures and are able to resume work on Pan thanks to its
        GPL license.  New development is now merrily copyrighted by the
        authors' own group, ChimPanXi.
        This version should be faster and more reliable than previous versions,
        and adds some much-requested features:
           * Inline rendering of images and html messages.  (gtkhtml)
           * Customizable pane layout.
           * Now scores 100% on the Good Newskeeping evalutation!
           * Now groks read-only and moderated newsgroups.
           * Better reading and decoding of mime attachments.
           * Added the option to automatically download new headers whenever
             a group is activated.
           * UI tweaks, including showing the number of connections and
             throughput in the main window.
           * Folders are saved in mbox format for portability.


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