Gtkdial 0.3.5 Released

Gtkdial 0.3.5 ("Last Ditch Pre-GUADEC effort") has been released.

Gtkdial is a gnome-based front end to the wvdial intelligent internet
dialer. Whilst 0.3.5 is essentially a development release, it is very
stable and upgrading is recommended. 

0.3.5 also includes new translations, sound alerts are now configurable
via the control-center, and other minor tweakings. 0.3.5 is likely to
form the dialer component of Gtkdial 0.4.0 (which will include the
long-awaited wvdial config editor).

Gtkdial 0.3.5 can be obtained as a source tarball or various flavours of
RPM from:

Instructions for obtaining .debs are also available at that URL.


Mike Newman, Weston-super-Mare, UK |

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