GTK+-1.2.10 Released

GTK+-1.2.10 is now available from:

This is a a bug-fix release, and is binary and source
compatible with GTK+-1.2.9.

About GTK+

GTK+ is a toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. A large
number of general purpose widgets are included and new types of widgets
can easily be created; many more are available in add-on libraries.

GTK+ has a C-based object-oriented architecture that allows for
maximum flexibility. It is easy to use from C, and bindings also
exist for over a dozen other programming languages.

GTK+ was created as the part for the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation
Program) project and is now used for many other free software and
commercial products, including the GNOME desktop. GTK+ is licensed
under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

For more information about GTK+, see:

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.2.9:

* Fix focus drawing with no window manager
* Fix cut-and-paste with no current event
* Fix compilation using --with-xinput=gxi  
* Fix problem with cut-and-paste and KOI8-R
* Fix rare problem with enter events and menus
* Fix problem with --with-native-locale and GNU libc-2.1
* Further fixes for using fonts, not fontsets, with non iso-8859-1.
* Fix problem with dropping onto internal children, such as CList buttons 
* Translation updates

Installation Note:

Between GTK+-1.2.8 and GTK+-1.2.9, the include files for GTK+
have been moved to $(includedir)/gtk-1-2/ to allow parallel installations
of GTK+-1.2 and GTK+-2.0 to work correctly. If you are installing
on top of an old installation of GTK+, you should remove the directories:


Before running 'make install'. Some other libraries that depend
on GTK+ may also hard-code the GTK+ header file location into
their configuration files and may need to be rebuilt to work
correctly with GTK+-1.2.10.

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