ANNOUNCE: Peacock 0.2 released!

Hello Everyone,

Yet another version of the Peacock is out, Peacock-0.2. Peacock is an HTML
Editor for GTK+/GNOME. It supports most of basic HTML. It features Session
Management and HTML Preview using the Gtk-XmHTML widget, among other things.
Its nice and nifty. And like many other such projects, its licensed under GPL.

Why so late? Well I was on a month long holiday in July. Then school. Then
lazyness blah, blah, blah........

Also, I am in search of the Unkown Coder. He contributed the patch for session
management and I lost his name and email. Please come forward so that you can
get your credit :)

	* RPMs available (Archit Baweja)
	* Minimal Session Management - remembers the size and position of
	window in last session. (Unkown Coder)
	* Toggles to view/hide the Main toolbar and HTML toolbars.
	* A Preview window using the Gtk-XmHTML widget.
	* HTML Toolbars :-
		* Basic html toolbar is divided into 2 -- Basic #1 and Basic #2
		* Fonts html toolbar is divided into 2 -- Fonts and Headings.
		* Lists html toolbar is complete.
		* Forms html toolbar is complete.
		* Tables html toolbar is complete.
	* Edit menu is available as a popup menu.
	* The manual has been turned into a multi-page one, rather than just a
	single page.



Mailing Lists:
	peacock-general lists sourceforge net
	peacock-devel lists sourceforge net

Get the new version now. Tarballs and RPMs are available.

Peacock Development Team

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