GConf 0.9


GConf is a process-transparent configuration data storage mechanism
with a model-view architecture, see
http://developer.gnome.org/feature/current/index.html for more

GConf 0.9 is now available. Release notes are in the NEWS file giving
details on what's changed since 0.8; basically 0.9 has some changes to
make GConf more robust, and a lot of API cleanup, but 0.9 is less
well-tested and likely also has some "doh!" bugs.

If you're running Nautilus or other apps that use GConf, DO NOT
upgrade to 0.9 immediately. The apps are not yet changed to use
it, but probably will be soon.

If you're using GConf in an app, and have problems with 0.9, please
let me know ASAP and I'll kick out a 0.10 very quickly. Again, see
NEWS for details on upgrading.

With 0.9 GConf is entering a freeze for the GNOME 1.4 release.  So,
there won't be user-visible changes for a while if I can help it, just
fixes to stuff that's broken or unimplemented.

Get 0.9 in the usual place:


Since 0.8, a mailing list for GConf has been created:


Consider joining if you have an interest in GConf. There's a lot of
interesting stuff in the archives already if you want to check that
out also.


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