Evolution 0.5 "Salamander" is out

Hello lovers of beautifully integrated groupware suites,

the happy monkeys at Helix Code have made it again: Evolution 0.5,
code name "Salamander", is out.

Evolution is the GNOME mailer, calendar, and addressbook application.

* Availability

        You can get the Evolution 0.5 tarball here:


        Evolution also requires GtkHTML (0.6.1), Bonobo (0.18), OAF
        (0.5.1), GNOME VFS (0.3), libunicode (0.4), GNOME Print (0.20)
        and ORBit (0.5.3).


        Helix GNOME users can also install the packages by the usual
        means, by using Helix Update (or apt-get on Debian).  Packages
        for Debian, Red Hat 6.x, Caldera 2.4, Mandrake 7, Suse 6.3 and
        TurboLinux 6 are already available from the Helix Code server;
        packages for LinuxPPC and Suse 6.4 will be made available
        later this week.

* Changes since version 0.4.1


          - Switched to using ETree for the folder view.  (Chris
            Toshok, Ettore)
          - Added interfaces to change the string displayed in
            the tree view as the name of the folder.  (Ettore)
          - Uses only the new iCalendar standard internally; this
            means future interoperability with new calendaring
            programs.  (JP, Federico)
          - New ultra-cool date range selector, aka little
            calendar.  (Damon)
          - Plenty of internal refactoring.  (JP, Damon,
          - Pilot working, mostly on pcs infrastructure and some
            todo work (still experimental).  (JP)
          - New advanced search dialog.  (Michael Zucchi, Chris
          - Added parsing of addresses.  (Jesse Pavel)
          - Converted most of addressbook to UTF8.  (Lauris)
          - Filters (but not vfolders) are now more powerful:
            they can check any message header, and can do regexp
            searches on the headers and body.  (Jeff)
          - A first draft of an automated mailing list recognizer
            has been added.  (It will need more/better rules.)
          - Attachments are handled differently now.  All
            attachments always have an icon and a header, and you
            can right-click on the icon to view/hide, save, or
            launch an external viewer.  (Dan)
          - It is no longer necessary to quit and restart after
            adding a new IMAP server.  (Peter)
          - Lots of i18n/charset fixing.  (Lauris)
          - Shiny new toolbar icons.  (Tuomas)
          - Giant menu reorganization. Most message operations
            are now in the "Message" menu, and folder operations
            in the "Folder" menu.  (Ettore, Dan, Peter)
          - "Mark as seen" timeout is now configurable. Mail view
            remembers the location of the message list/message
            display split.  (Richard Hult)
          - New filter category: "On-demand", for filters to be
            applied at arbitrary times rather than during mail
            incorporation.  (Peter)
          - POP/IMAP config pages allow you to specify a
            port... this may go away in a later release when we
            support ssl/ssh tunneling directly.  (Peter)
          - Reply To All will now remove your own addresses from
            the recipient lists.  (Jesse Pavel)
          - Folders are synced when you switch to another
            folder now.  (Dan)
          - An IMAP bug that caused all messages to be marked as
            read before they were read has been fixed.  (Dan)
          - The IMAP provider is now more robust about dealing
            with other concurrent IMAP clients.  (Jeff)
          - POP and IMAP are better about when they do and don't
            try to reconnect.  This was part of Camel operation
            cancellation support, which unfortunately didn't make
            it into 0.5.  (Peter)
          - Sent and Outbox folders are now functional.  You now
            have two options when sending a message - "Send Now"
            which will send the message imediately and "Send
            Later" which will queue the message in Outbox for
            later sending.  When a message is successfully sent,
            it is copied to the Sent folder for your records.
          - ETree fixes.  (Chris Toshok)
          - Lots of small usability fixes.  (Chris Lahey)
          - Lots of grouping bug fixes.  Specifically, fixed
            crashes when grouping in trees and made ETable not go
            crazy when you change data and the table is grouped.
            (Chris Lahey)
          - Improved table printing when grouped.  (Chris
          - Converted most of ETable to UTF8.  (Lauris)

* Mailing lists

        You can subscribe to the Evolution developers list or the
        Evolution users list by going to the Evolution home page
        on http://www.helixcode.com/apps/evolution.php3

Please note that this is still software in development and should
not be used for production work.  We appreciate testers and
contributors, but please remember that Evolution will still be
buggy, incomplete, and temperamental.

Thanks to the many people who have sent in suggestions and fixes.

  The Evolution team.

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