Gfax 0.4.0 released.

Hi all,

I've just put up a new version of GFax. 

Release 0.4.0
New Things:
        This is the start of network fax support using Hylafax.
        There is both internal and external support for Hylafax.
        The Internal support uses Gfax to transport the fax over
        the network so Hylafax doesn't need to be installed on
        the local machine.  External support uses a locally installed
        copy of Hylafax.

        When faxing from applications one should always configure
        a postscript printer as it has the best support.

        Many thanks to Till for his code contributions.
        There is finally a Druid available for configuring mgetty.
        It only configures options not well served by defaults.
        The advanced mgetty options can still be tweaked in the
        normal setup screen.

        There is a new icon for the GNOME menu. (needs a bit of work

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