Evolution 0.3 "Jellyfish" is released


the crazy monkeys have done it again: a new development snapshot
release of the Evolution groupware suite (0.3, code name "Jellyfish")
is out.

Evolution is the GNOME mailer, calendar, and addressbook application.
This is mostly a bugfix release.

* Availability

        You can get the Evolution 0.3 tarball here:


        Evolution also requires the latest versions of GtkHTML (0.5),
        Bonobo (0.16), OAF (0.4), GNOME VFS (0.2), GConf (0.5),
        libunicode (0.4), GNOME Print (0.20) and ORBit (0.5.3).


* Changes since version 0.2


          - Pop-up folder selection.  (Ettore)

          - Added support for multiple views.  (Ettore)

          - Added support for saving component-specific settings, and
            some initial code to save the view's configuration.

          - Fixed the Bonobo menu code so that it works with all the
            locales.  (Ettore)


          - Lots of IMAP fixes.  (Jeff) 

          - You can use an external setuid/setgid movemail program
            (although we don't ship our own yet). If you have one
            installed with emacs, the configure script will find
            that. Otherwise, you can specify --with-movemail=/path.

          - You can toggle HTML/plain text for an individual message
            in the composer now.  (Ettore)

          - Bonobo embedding sort of works again, but there are
            problems with size allocation somewhere. Attachments can 
            now also be handled by external applications.  (Dan)

          - text/plain mail is now line-wrapped in the mail display,
            to deal with people who don't put newlines in their mail.

          - Allow user to specify IMAP namespace in the mail config
            dialog.  (Dan, Jeff)

          - Quoted-printable encoder fixes.  (Michael Zucchi)

          - Various NNTP fixes, include a news pane in the config
            dialog.  (Chris Toshok)

          - Some memory corruption fixes.  (Peter Williams)

          - Fix for message not being re-drawn as deleted.  (Peter
            Williams, Jeff)

          - Moving a message to another folder copies the flags now

          - Close signature in HTML mail with </PRE>, not <PRE>, and
            default to ~/.signature.  (Michael Meeks)

          - Fixed some confusing behavior in the message threading
            algorithm.  (Dan)

	  - Improvements to the item selection code.  (Chris Lahey)


          - Added support for a bunch of iCalendar properties.

          - Conduit for synchronizing the calendar with gnome-pilot
            (requires gnome-pilot from CVS).  (Seth)

          - ETable-based to-do list view ("taskpad"), for your viewing
            pleasure.  (Damon)


          - Conduit for synchronizing the addressbook with gnome-pilot
            (requires gnome-pilot from CVS).  (Chris Toshok)

          - Fixed some random crashes.  (Chris Lahey)

          - Implemented a vCard Bonobo control so that we can support
            inline vCard viewing in the mailer.  (Chris Lahey)

          - Quick search looks at both the name and the company
            name now.  (Chris Lahey)

          - Added more functionality to the contact editor's toolbar.
            (Chris Lahey)

          - Support for printing single cards.  (Chris Lahey)

* Mailing lists

        You can subscribe to the Evolution developers list or the
        Evolution users list by going to the Evolution home page on

Please note that this is still software in development and should not
be used for production work.  We appreciate testers and contributors,
but please remember that Evolution will still be buggy, incomplete,
and temperamental.

Thanks to the many people who have sent in suggestions and fixes.

(And of course, this announcement was sent with Evolution. :-))

  The Evolution team.

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