GConf release


A new snapshot of GConf is available:


  - Fix gconf_key_is_below (George)
  - Allow overlapping directories to be added to GConfClient (George) 
  - Rename everything to have the GConf platform version (current 1)
    in it; so we will be able to install multiple stable versions 
    of GConf simulataneously (Havoc)
  - Build fixes (James)
  - Fix segfault and mem leak in XML backend (Federico)
  - Fix bug where GConfClient preloading didn't preload the 
    proper values if you had schemas installed for the values (Havoc)
  - Rename gconf_engine_new and gconf_client_new to 
    gconf_engine_get and gconf_client_get; now there is a 1-1 mapping
    between engines and clients, and engines and addresses (Havoc)
  - Fix gconf_client_set_pair (Dan)
  - Spec file (Eskil)
  - Fix leak in gconf_client_get_string (Pavel)
  - And other bugfixes, big and small

GConf should be significantly more robust in this release.

Beware of renamed files; in particular, if you have an old install
your path file will need to be moved, and you'll need to delete the
old gconf.m4.

Please report bugs and issues to hp@redhat.com.


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