Bonobo 0.16: World Savior Release.

Hello guys!

   Bonobo 0.16 has been released.  This is required by the upcoming
Evolution package.  Many changes, a lot of love  on it:

* Features

	* Placeholder support (Michael).  This still needs to be
          standarized, but it will let us have standard locations for
          inserting items in menus and toolbars.

	* Piles of bug fixes (Mike Kestner, Dan Winship, Michael
          Meeks, Andy Hertzfeld, Peter Williams).

	* bonobo-idl compiler, to simplify the development of Bonobo
          servers (miguel).
	* bonobo-idl.1 man page ;-)

	* Fixes for multi-prefix compilation (Mathieu)

	* Storage/Stream updates, extensions (Michael)

	* BonoboObject reference count debugging (Michael).

	* Copied Plug/Socket code here to have more control over the
          widgets than Gtk exposed (Michael).

	* Some external API cleanup (Martijn).

	* Destroy Notify for UI handlers (Darin Adler)

	* Bonobo::Unknown returned from query_interface instead of

Some changes were done to the CORBA interfaces and to the internal
APIs, you might need to do some work to get your Bonobo application to
work with this new release.

* Availability


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