Evolution 0.2 "Saccharomyces" is released

Dear lifeforms,

Our tireless team of dancing primates has assembled version 0.2 of the
Evolution groupware suite (codename "Saccharomyces").

Evolution is the GNOME mailer, calendar, and addressbook application.
This release incorporates many new features and bug fixes since the 
previous version.

* Availability:

  You can get the Evolution 0.2 tarball here:


  Evolution also requires a new version of GtkHTML (0.5), Bonobo
  (0.15), GNOME Print (0.20), OAF (0.5) and ORBit (0.5.2).  These
  packages are available from:


* Changes in this version:

          * Folder selection dialog (Ettore).
          * Folder creation dialog (Ettore).
          * LDAP server configuration dialog (Chris Toshok).
          * Integration of LDAP servers in the shell's tree view
            (Chris Toshok).
          * ETable-based view (Chris Lahey).
          * Printing support for the ETable-based view (Chris Lahey).
          * Address selection dialog integrated with the message
            composer (Chris Lahey).
          * Many miscellaneous bugs fixed (everyone).
          * Printing support (Michael, Federico).
          * Many, many behavior fixes and polishing to the
            day/week/month view widgets (Damon).
          * New glade-based event editor.  This is unfinished but
            usable (Seth, Federico).
          * Mouse wheel scrolling support (Anders).
          * We have an awesome new engine for computing recurring
            events (Damon).  This will be plugged in to the new
            iCalendar code.
          * Internal and public API fixes (Federico, Seth).
          * Shell-related changes (Ettore).
          * Data model for ETable; this is not used yet (Federico).
          * New iCalendar support; this is not used yet (Federico).
          * Pilot syncing updates; this is not used yet (Seth).
          * Many miscellaneous bugs fixed (everyone).
          Major features:
          * Basic IMAP support (Jeff)
          * Threaded message view (Michael, Chris Toshok)
          * Filters now work (original work by Michael, bugfixes by
          Smaller features:
          * Implemented moving messages between folders (Dan)
          * Very basic printing support (Dan, but it was only like 5
            lines of code, because gnome-print kicks ass)
          * "Delete", "Forward", and "Refile" operations now work on
            multiple messages. (Chris Lahey, Peter Williams, Dan)
          * Toggle read/unread flag when the user clicks on the
            envelope icon (Chris Lahey, Dan).
          * The "New folder" menu item now works (Ettore, Dan).
          * The filter/vfolder druid now uses the new shell folder
            selection UI (Michael)
          * Added "Cc" to the set of filter/vfolderable headers and
            make the filter/vfolder "messages to address" rule work
            with to or cc.  (Dan)
          * New key bindings: "Delete" deletes the current message and
            jumps to the next undeleted message. "N" and "P" go to
            next/previous unread message. (Dan)
          * Keep asking for POP/IMAP password until the user gets it
            correct or hits Cancel, and remember the result until the
            user exits (or chooses "Forget Passwords"). (Dan, Jeff)
          * Kludge Camel to output ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8, since
            neither GtkHTML nor ETable supports UTF-8 still. (Dan)
          * Use the gnome-vfs "sniff buffer" interface to try to
            identify the MIME type of attachments without useful type
            information (Dan)
          * Allow saving drafts in the composer (Ettore)
          * Added "Received date" header to the set of possible
            message list headers. (Dan)
          * Partial gladification of the config dialog (JP Rosevear)
          Bug fixes:
          * Message read/unread/deleted flags should now be saved
            reliably when you exit, and summary should not be rebuilt
            when a rebuild isn't needed. Expunging should work
            reliably (Dan, Ettore, Jeff).
          * Fix disappearing toolbar bug (Dan).
          * Fixed a bug that made downloading of very large messages
            over POP incredibly slow, and various other smaller POP
            bugs. (Dan)
          * Fixed bugs that made large attachments sometimes get
            dropped and small ones sometimes get truncated. (Dan)
          * Fixed filter/vfolder "messages to address" rule to
            correctly match "to" rather than "from". (Michael)
          * Fix some text/plain formatting bugs in the composer. (Dan,
          * Turn off search mode when getting new mail (to avoid
            corrupting the display). Make "get mail" always put
            unfiltered mail into Inbox rather than the current
            folder. (Dan)
          * Fixed a bug that caused "Re:" to be prepended even to
            subjects that started with "Re:" when replying. Added a
            default subject to forwarded messages. (Dan)
          * Make the "Attach" dialog in the composer remember the last
            directory it was in. (Dan)
          * Code to parse invalid date formats since some mailers
            generate them... (Jeff)
          * Fixed various small SMTP bugs (Jeff, Chris Lahey)
          * Fixed some memory leaks (Peter, Jeff)
          * Make replies use the text/plain part of a
            multipart/alternative if the user configured plain text
            rather than HTML mail sending.  (Dan)
          * Various config dialog fixes (Jeff)
          * Partial filter/vfolder GUI facelift (Jacob)

Please note that this is still software in development and should not
be used for production work.  We appreciate testers and contributors;
you'll be in our hearts forever, but please remember that Evolution
will still be buggy, incomplete, and temperamental.

Thanks to the many people who have sent in suggestions and fixes.

(And of course, this announcement was sent with Evolution. :-))


  The Evolution team

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