ANNOUNCE: CodeCommander-0.9.4

General Information:
CodeCommander is a minimal programming IDE that can be used for many
different programming languages, including: C/C++, Perl, Python, Scheme,
The purpose of this project is to make things easy on the programmer, so
if you find something that could use some work, let me know!



Implemented tab-stops in GtkExText (tabs are of variable width according
to their position relative to the next tab-stop)
Fixed the bracket matching code (ie. rewrite it completely) now uses a
special mechanism in GtkExText called the "pseudo-selection" (something
I hacked together to solve the problem)
Complete re-write of the Build code. Its pretty sane now, although its
still very generic.
New menu/toolbar item for killing an execution process.
Added settings for default terminal and make commands (can be used with
build options as %term% and %make%)
Improvements for Indent and Shell Output commands.
Added menu item and support functions for using gnome-help-browser to
view manpages instead of the gdsmanpage viewer.
Fixed the Paste bug that was pretending that there was a selection when
their really wasn't.
XML language definition.

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