ANNOUNCE: CodeCommander 0.9.2

General Information:
CodeCommander is a minimal programming IDE that can be used for many
different programming languages, including: C/C++, Perl, PHP, z80
assembly, Manpages, etc.
The purpose of this project is to make things easy on the programmer, so

if you find something that could use some work, let me know!



Fri Jul 07 10:02:37 AM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Added menus.html and sessions.html to documentation (unfinished)

Fri Jul 07 09:09:10 AM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Added a little check in GtkExText to adjust the cursor size to the size
of the current style, unless it is within a selection, at which point it
will be made as tall as the whole line.

Thu Jul 06 10:49:46 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Added po.lang and sgml.lang to the main distribution. Props to Frank
Jensen for these.

Thu Jul 06 10:28:42 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Remove comment and comment_selection bindings. They shouldnt need to be
Removed a comment from a line that was preventing repainting of the
widget after a cut/copy/paste operation. (paste was the important one

Thu Jul 06 09:33:03 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Removed some internal keybindings.
src/menus.C, src/edit.C:
New menu entries for:
Select Line, Clear Line, Clear to Line End, Clear to Line Start
New bindings for:
line_start(), line_end(), freeze(), thaw()
freeze while replacing (no screen refreshes)

Thu Jul 06 08:35:05 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Fixed GtkExText bug that was really jacking up the cursor position...I
introduced this yesterday with my little cursor backup stuff.

Thu Jul 06 05:05:45 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Added "Indent" feature.
Changed some icons and general crap that needed to be fixed.
Switched bracket matching to the other side of the character. (a-la
nedit rather than CoolEdit)

Thu Jul 06 02:23:13 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Added font settings to the color-settings dialog box. The whole system
is very cool, and does not require you do go editing your lang files
just to get all your keywords to be bold.


ICQ: 14727618
Use CodeCommander for all of your GNOME coding needs.
./configure --prefix=/dev/mocha --enable-caffein --enable-double-shot

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