ANNOUNCE: GNOME-Iconedit 1.2.0

So after a long absense it is back (and none of you care)

GNOME-Iconedit 1.2.0 is released.

What is it:
It's an icon editor.

New things since the last time:
* Went through a rewrite to make it a Model/View/Controller type set up.
* Fairly major speed increases.
* Primitives. Circles, Squares and Lines can now be drawn.
* GNOME-Print support (optional and needs a very recent gnome-print,
possibly from CVS otherwise the image
   goes stripey)
* Bonobo component (optional and requires Bonobo compiled with OAF for it to
work at all)
* Probably some other things I've forgotten.
The bonobo component should work, but isn't official until bonobo is a
stable part of GNOME yadda yadda...

What does it look like:

Where is it:

No there's no RPM's etc (yet), no it's not in CVS (yet), no there's no
website either (yet).
All bugs(*) and stuff


(*)The primitive failing to redraw correctly until the mouse button is
released is known,
and possibly a canvas bug.

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