Announce: Jungle Monkey 0.1.8

Jungle Monkey 0.1.8 ("Igoo Two") is now available.  This release fixes
bugs with file transfers.  Version 0.1.7 ("Igoo", unannounced) has a new
file transfer protocol, contains vast GTK GUI improvements, and includes
the usual small bug fixes.

JM is available at

Source and DEB's available.  RPM's will be available as soon as
someone mails them to me.

Jungle Monkey (JM) is a distributed file sharing program.  You join
channels where people offer files for download.  You can offer your
own files and create your own channels as well.  Once you download a
file, others can connect to you to get that file.  You can also search
for files and chat.

0.1.8 ("Igoo Two" release)
* Fixed bugs where file transfers timed out and files weren't saved

0.1.7 ("Igoo" release)
* File transfers now use new mirror-rendezvous protocol  (Part
    of "Jungle Monkey 2" plan)
* Vast GTK GUI improvements (preferences dialog, configuration file, 
    message boxes)
* Small bug fixes (chat leave messages now seen, ping warnings fixed,
    directories work, port configuration now works)
* Portability fixes (NetBSD, detects broken Linux poll)

 - There will be a paper on BTP, our endhost multicast protocol, up
 - It should be easier to build from CVS now.

      __          _    __  David Helder - University of Michigan
  ___/ /__ __  __(_)__/ /
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