VICE 1.4/Gnome released


Version 1.4 of VICE, the Versatile Commodore Emulator, has been

This version is the first official Gnome-aware Release. However not
too many Gnome features are used up to now... This will chance in
upcoming versions.

VICE emulates the Commodore C64, C128, VIC20, PET 8-bit computers and
the CBM-II (aka C610) and is completely written in C/C++; it runs on
Unix, Win32, MS-DOS, RiscOS and OS/2 systems.

VICE is *free* software released under the GNU General Public License,
and as such it comes with full source code.

The source tar-ball can be found here:

For more information check out the VICE home page at:

Besides the thousands of cool features in VICE overall, here a few
highlights of Vice/Gnome:

- CBM character set in file browser and popup menus
- Fancy status bar with context sensitive popup menus

More port specific information can be found in

Follow instructions in `INSTALL' to build for Gnome. The release has
been tested with October Gnome and newer library versions on
Linux/i386 and Solaris-5.7.

No binary packages are provided so far. If you are interested in
binary packaging of VICE please let me know. I'd really appreciate
help here. 

best regards,

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