ANNOUNCE gnome-utils 1.1.0

Greetings fellow primates,

  The first test release of gnome-utils is now available. The only major
changes are documentation addtions and updated translations. Plus the usual
assortment of bugfixes. This release also includes gfloppy and gdict for
your pleasure. The spec file included has _not_ been updated as of yet
so rpm -ta _will_ fail.

New documentation (or really updated)

      * gfloppy                                  -- Kenny Granunke
      * gstripchart                              -- John Kodis
      * gtt                                      -- Aaron Weber
      * gw, gless, gshutdown                     -- John Fleck
      * gcolorsel, gfontsel, gsearchtool         -- Alexander Kirillov

Coordinating this effort was John Fleck.

Thanks go out to all who helped in this, if I didn't list you it don't 
mean your help wasn't reconginzed, it simply means that as I get older
the memory cells don't retain information as well as they used to.



co -r GNOME_UTILS_1_1_0 gnome-utils




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