Pan 0.8.0b6 is released

Hello all,

A new version of the Pan newsreader has been released.

* New Features:

        * Better keyboard navigation: now there are menu items and
          keyboard shortcuts for moving to an article's replies, or to
          up to the article which the current article is a reply to.

        * _Much_ faster decoding of binary attachments.

* Bug Fixes:

        * Gui lockup bug fixed.

        * Opening binary attachments with special shell characters no
          longer causes problems.

        * Killfile-crashes-Pan fix.  Thanks to cyberclay
          <> for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed a crash that occurred when a binary attachment
          finished decoding while the user was loading a new

        * Fixed crash that occurred when "track thread" was selected
          on a top article in a thread.  Thanks to Paul
          <> for reporting this bug.

        * Problems with article view window's user-specified
          foreground colors fixed.  Thanks to Craig Orsinger
          <> for reporting this bug.

        * Another article-wrapping bug fixed.

        * Small memory leak fixed.

        * Using the killfile to filter out articles crossposted to >N
          groups didn't work properly.

        * Errant entries in the article header cache tended to crash
	  Pan.  Now Pan will just complains about the corrupt header
	  and goes on.  Thanks to C. Huy <> for
	  reporting this bug.

* Updates:

        * Updated Finnish, Italian, Korean, Polish, Spanish

        * Slightly faster downloading and saving of articles.

        * The usual batch of speed and memory tweaks.

* Availability:


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