[Announcement] gLife 0.2.0 "Stop the Bombing" is released

Finally, after much work and hacking, I am releasing gLife 0.2.0.
For those who don't know - gLife is basically an Artificial Life
simulation. It can also be considered an Artificial Society or Artificial
Culture simulation. It aims to be highly configurable allowing you full
control over the simulation.

I'd like to thank many people for this release who helped out
in one way or another. Telsa (for docs and bug-testing), X-Virge
for RPM magic, mathieu/raph for helping me with some libart
stuff, and last but not least for drake for discovering some
last minute bugs :)

0.2.0 "Stop the Bombing" release:

* Availability

        - Webpage: http://glife.sourceforge.net
        - Download: http://www.sourceforge.net/project/?form_grp=748

* Bugfixes: 

	- Cleaned up most outstanding warnings.

	- ./configure --with-included-gettext should work now

	- Fixed incorrect messages.

	- You can now run the program without installing it (but the .glade
	  file must be in the same dir as the application).

	- You can now end the simulation while it is running (as long as the
	  animals are not moving though). i.e. will be /VERY/ difficult with
	  very "fast" timeouts.

	- Fixed bug which made animals avoid top-right corner of the terrain
	  on random movement.

	- Other minor bugfixes.

* Improvements:

	- Changed renderer from GnomeCanvas to libart_lgpl. Major memory
	  improvements as a result - and its fast :)

	- Another bunch of memory-usage reduction not related to the switch
	  to libart_lgpl

	- Moved from 'Applications' menu to 'Games' menu

	- Now you can disable some parts of the display to make rendering
	  faster (i.e. turn off the grid for a slight speed increase. turn
	  off terrain for a HUGE speed increase).

	- Julian (a.k.a X-ViRGE) added a .spec.in file for RPM lovers.
	- The maximum age is now a random value between two 'user-configurable'

	- There is now User Documentation made by telsa and revised by me. The
	  GDP team is very cool :) (they make it very easy to do documentation)

	- Can now obtain information on the animals and/or the terrain.

	- New reproduction ruleset implemented brining a total of 3 rulesets
	  implemented (sex, movement, and death)

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