ANNOUNCE: New and Updated TurboLinux RPMS

I a short break I now have a new batch of GNOME packages for TurboLinux
6.x ready.
For those interested Helixcode have also started to make TL packages
now, this means that I from now on probably will concentrate on making
packages for extra software that Helix doesn't support.
Here are the list of either updated or new  packages:

Gnome-python             1.0.53         - Latest version of the
Gnome-Python Bindings
Xscreensaver                3.24            - Features control-center
integration and GLE screensaver.
Control-center             1.0.53         - Updated control-center, some
UI improvements
Gnome-pim                   1.0.55         - Latest stable release of
Calendar etc.
gsokoban                       1.0              - Gnome version of the
Sokoban game
Gnome-libs                    1.0.58        - Latest release of
mc                                    4.5.44        - Latest release of
Gnome Midnight Commander
gqview                              0.8.0          - New release of the
popular gqview image viewer
gnome-print                    0.16            - Latest Gnome-print


Bonobo                        0.9            - The Bonobo component
Pan                                0.8beta4    - The popular Pan
Sodipodi                       0.18            -The fast evolving Vector
Drawing program
Gnome-core                1.1.8,1        - The new latest and greatest
gnome-applets            1.1.8            -The new latest and greatest
gnome-applets package

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