ANNOUNCE: Peacock v0.1 released!

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the very first, ultra-low-on-features, release of
Peacock - A HTML Editor for GTK+/GNOME. Its not a WYSIWYG HTML Editor, and
neither does it use gtkhtml. Its like a clone of Homesite for Win32. You
type your HTML yourself. And there are these 'HTML Toolbars' which allow
easy and quick entry of commonly used tags, thus saving you time and

Here are a list of its short features:-
* Common file operations like Open/Save/Save As/Close.
* Common Cut/Copy/Paste/Clear operations.
* HTML Toolbars
	* Basic
	* Fonts
* A nice, clean GUI (duh)

Thats all there is for now! Here is the rest of the info.

Name	: Peacock
Author: Archit Baweja (
Web	:

Checkout the site for more info.

Archit Baweja (bighead)

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