gnome-core 1.1.0 "Old Fasioned Bonobo" development version released


After quite a few months of CVS development, the unstable/development
branch of gnome-core has been released.

Let me emphasize that this is an unstable/development version.  There
are no guarantees that it will compile for you, and if it does, that
it will work well.  (Note: it seems to work fine for me)

* Availablility:

* Dependencies:

	- gnome-core no longer requires libgtop, or libghttp

	- gnome-core now requires gnome-xml and gdk-pixbuf 0.3

* Changes:

	- all fixes and improvements that went into October GNOME

	- more icons

	- applets not in the default setup are now located in the
	gnome-applets module.  If you want applets, you will need
	to install this.

	- gnome-about: new about GNOME program (Anders Carlsson)

	- gnome-hint: displays hints about using gnome at session
	startup.  It can do fortunes and other things too.  
	(George Lebl)

	- gnome-intro is no longer included, since it is outdated
	and there is a newer version distributed seperately

	- gnome-session: fix for remote gnome-session crash (Owen

	- mailcheck applet: can now check pop, and imap mailboxes,
	and it is much more configurable  (Jaka Mocnik and me)

	- desk-guide: you can now have multiple rows/columns of
	desktops (Tim Janik)

* Changes to the panel:

	* panels can be 24, 48, 64, 0r 80 pixels high/wide by
	default (George)

	* more panel types: panels can slide along the edge,
	"float" anywhere on the screen, or snap to the center
	of an edge  (me)

	* global panel configuration is redesigned and now in
	the control center (George, Jim Cape, me)

	* new status dock: Provides a way to dock more windows/kde
	type docklets in the panel  (George)

	* panel menu layout was redone (me)

	* panel buttons (launchers, menus, drawer buttons) now use
	gdk-pixbuf, and look much nicer (George)

	* panels are configurable from the right click menu, for
	quick changes (me)

	* many panel menus can be torn off (George)

	* panel buttons can be flush with the panel edge, and can
	have tiles on mouse-over in addition to always/never (me)

Please keep in mind that this is a development version.

"Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggum

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