gnome-applets 1.1.0 "Yet Another Cloudy Day in Pittsburgh" development version released


After quite a few months of CVS development, the unstable/development
branch of gnome-applets has been released.

Let me emphasize that this is an unstable/development version.  There
are no guarantees that it will compile for you, and if it does, that
it will work well.  (Note: it seems to work fine for me)

* Availablility:

* Dependencies:

	- gnome-core 1.1.0 is recommended, although it *should* build
	with a 1.0.x version

	- gnome-applets will build all the applets it can, depending
	on the availability on your system of:
		+ libgtop
		+ esound
		+ xmms
		+ gnome-xml
		+ gnome-ghttp

* Changes:

	- all fixes and improvements that went into October GNOME

	- more icons

	- many new applets:

		+ clipboard applet: history list of clipboard 
		selections (Alexandre Muņiz)

		+ geyes: xeyes for the panel (Dave Camp)

		+ gnotes: sticky notes for your desktop (spoon)

		+ gumma: pluginable media player [Note: this should
		be considered Alpha right now] (me)

		+ gweather: shows the weather (Spiros Papadimitriou)

		+ odometer: shows your mouse mileage (Fabrice Bellet)

		+ sound-monitor: vu meter and sound manager for esound
		(John Ellison)

		+ tick-a-stat: pop up messages, tail logs, etc. (John)

		+ where am i: shows your cursor position (John Kodis)

	- gnome-pager is no longer included.  If someone wants to maintain
	it seperately, let me know.

	- many applets support the panel sizings

	- probably other stuff that I cannot remember

	- fixes to cpumemusage (Martin Baulig)

	- new gkb flags/mappings (Pablo Saratxaga, Shooby Ban, Eduardo 

Please keep in mind that this is a development version.

"Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggum

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