Announce: Libsigc++ 0.8.5

Libsigc++ 0.8.5
Libsigc++ implements a full callback system for use in widget libraries, 
abstract interfaces, and general programming. Originally part of the Gtk-- 
widget set, libsigc++ is now a seperate library to provide for more general 
use. It is the most complete library of its kind with the ablity to connect 
an abstract callback to a class method, function, or function object. It 
contains adaptor classes for connection of dissimilar callbacks and has 
an ease of use unmatched by other C++ callback libraries. Libsigc++ is 
licensed under the LGPL. 


Note: Version 0.8.4 was skipped.  This version change is
critical because changes introducted in 0.8.3 caused
code to incorrectly fail on most compilers.  Users
should update immediately from 0.8.3.

Release 0.8.5 -- October 20, 1999
* Integrated RISC OS port in.
* VC++ port was confirmed to work and is released once again.
* Added default_value() requirement to marshallers
* Optimized basic signal to jump out if list is empty
* Added marshaller doc contributed by Ainsley Pereira
* Added connect() function to slotdata to ease burden of
  making sigc++ wrappers which use alternate connect means
* Added a phantom weak reference for use with slots.
* Added runtime version symbols and improved autoconf macro.
* Reformulated object slot macros once again. (last time, please!)


Release 0.8.4 -- October 17, 1999
* Removed all uses of dynamic_cast to improve performance and
  increase flexiblity in cases of MI.
* Egcs bug fix introduced in 0.8.3 caused pathological behavior
  on slot(B,&A::foo);
* Reduced size of library by 20% by removing unnecessay constructs
  and dead code.

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