Re: New Gnome Documentation Project

That's great that this is being started up. One of the first things that
needs to be done, though, is not writing more documentation, but 1) making
sure that all of the current documentation is getting built and installed
correctly by the makefiles, 2) making sure the code is looking for the help
pages in the right places, and 3) making sure all GNOME software either use
Netscape or the GNOME Help Browser, but not both. Even October GNOME suffers
from these problems. Midnight Commander, for example, has good documentation
but the makefile installs it into the wrong directories, so the program
can't find it. It also breaks apparent convention and opens up Netscape for
its help pages. GNOME PIM has a help page for its preferences dialog, but
the Help button code is looking for it in the wrong directory and with the
wrong filename.

I would've posted this to one of the other mailing lists, but I'm only
subscribed to this one.


Andrew Post

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