Gdk-pixbuf 0.3 is released

Dear highly evolved primates,

Version 0.3 of the Gdk-pixbuf library has just been released.  This
includes some very important changes, mainly API renaming and a new
way to create images from user-supplied data buffers.

* Availability:

* Changes:

	- Added a libtool version number to the library.

	- Changed the API function and structure names to something
          more consistent with the rest of GTK+ and GNOME.

	- Removed the saving interfaces, since it is very hard to
          support the saving idiosyncrasies of every file format.

	- Correctness and robustness fixes for the loaders.

	- Fixed memory management with respect to user-supplied
          buffers.  Now the user has to supply a libart destroy
          notification function for when a pixbuf's reference count
          drops to zero.

	- Added inline documentation comments for exported functions.
          The DocBook documentation framework is still missing.

	- Fixed the macros and autogen situation.

This is very likely the version that will be folded into the
development branch of gnome-libs.

Please remember that gdk-pixbuf is still in development and the API is
not frozen.  You should not make production code depend on this.



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