[ANNOUNCE] GxSNMP 0.0.14 is available.

After a long wait a new developers release of GXSNMP is now available.

COOL Where can I get this wonderful thing? This is primarly a bug fix 
release. No new functionailty has been added. If you were having problems
with other releases please give this a try.

Web  (europe)


Ok What does this thing require?

libsmi 0.1.7 (check the readme for locations)

What's new?
   o Some bugs got squished.
   o Postgresql plugin. 
      This is still in the hack'n'slash make it work stage as configure is
      giving me fits on the location of the postgresql stuff.. Any patches 
      make this work are welcome.

What's Broke?

   Lots of things :) Patches happily accepted.

The GXSNMP team

Gregory McLean      | You can have it Soon, Cheap and Working; choose *two*
comstar.net inc.    | programmer / analyst | icq: ! | 770.485.6016
<gregm@comstar.net> | Play: <gregm@gxsnmp.org> or <gregm@gnu.org>
----------------This is my opinion, All MINE! I tell you------------------

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