Gfax 0.3.1 er ah 0.3.2 released.

You know that old feeling.  You've just updated your software.  
Changed the web site and put up an announcement on the Gnome page.  
Now your logged out and are 10Km away from your computer when....Oh 
#$%^&@  I missed something.

Anyway I've put up a new version of Gfax, 0.3.2.  Anyone who got 
the old version 0.3.1 should upgrade.

Gfax is a pop up fax manager for Gnome.  It uses mgetty and hylafax 
for actually transmitting the fax.  This version has complete 
support and GUI configuration for mgetty's sendfax.config file.  It 
is also completely re-written in C, using libglade.  All you non 
coders out there can get Glade and have a go at fiddling the user 

Gfax is available at:


George Farris - VE7FRG           E-Mail :
G.M. Systems,                  Web page :
2570 Seaview Road,            Phone/Fax : (250)743-1500
Mill Bay, B.C., Canada
V0R 2P0                       We do pre-installed Linux systems.

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