Gnumeric 0.44 is out.

Hello guys,

  So just when your machine had finished compiling Gnumeric you
noticed this post.  I am sorry.

  Gnumeric 0.44 is out there.  

  This version fixes a few problems in the code:

	1. We do range checking while doing cut/paste of parsed
	   functions (this had just an annoying effect when pasting cells).

	   This bug has been forever.

	2. The 0.42 and 0.43 versions of gnumeric had a problem in
	   which the last style applied was not saved, just the last
	   one and this could cause confusion.

	   This has now been fixed

* Availability

If someone can provide RPM, and DEB versions of this, many users would
appreciate it.

Best wishes,

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