Updates to gstripchart

A new version of the gstripchart program is available.  The
gstripchart program displays a stripchart-like data plot, typically of
system performance parameters such as net traffic and CPU load.

The current CVS version has several recently added features:

  - The default configuration obtains the system performance data to
    be from the libgtop library rather than reading values directly
    from /proc, for a more portable implementation.  

    Gstripchart -- it's not just for Linux anymore!

  - It now includes a gstripchart applet, for inclusion in your panel.
    This is a much better approach than having the panel swallow a
    gstripchart application.  It allows gstripchart to respond
    properly to panel resize and reorientation events, and to resize
    itself accordingly.

  - And last but not least, the boring old bugs have been replaced by
    exciting new bugs for your exterminating pleasure.  Drop me a note
    if you find any.

The gstripchart program is an exclusive presentation of the Gnome CVS
archive, where it can be found in the gnome-utils module.  

cvs checkout a fresh copy today.

-- John Kodis.

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