GNOME Packaging: Call for volunteers.


   Many of you might be thinking "I am not a programmer, nor a
graphics artist.  I wonder, how can I help the GNOME project?".  Well, 
think no more.

   We want to make GNOME available to more people and we want to be
sure than when new packages are released nice binaries are assembled
and distributed from the GNOME ftp site.

   So we are creating a mailing list ( 
that will be used to discuss and maintain packages for various
operating systems, architectures and distributions.

   If you want to help GNOME by helping us creating a system for
quickly being able to package new versions of GNOME software as well
as creating binaries for platforms you have, join the effort.

   The idea, is that we want users to have as little pain as possible, 
so we want to provide packages in the most natural way for people to
install (Debian users probably want a .deb package;  Red Hat dudes, an 
RPM;  FreeBSD users probably want a "port" plus binaries).

   We want to minimize the hassle for people to install GNOME.

   To join the mailing list, send a mail to:

   And in the body put "subcribe".

Best wishes,

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