ANNOUNCE - GNOME Update Manager

Hello GNOME guys and gals

I've finally got a release together for the GNOME Update Manager (or GUM for
short). This is version 0.2.2 and is the first public release and I'm just
hoping I've not forgotten anything, and it'll work on other people's machines.

GUM is a program that will inform users about software that has been added to
the system since they last ran GUM. As GUM is normally run everytime GNOME
starts, that should be the same as the last time the user logged on. GUM can
also show messages to certain people, and offer install options (like for
example "Install icons onto the desktop") that the user may like to run.

So rush across to
and grab whatever takes your fancy.
There's a tarball, a SRPM and an RPM, but bear in mind that I've never made RPMs
before, and I've got a fairly weird and wacky setup, so they might not work for
you. One thing I do know is that the RPM requires libasound, because I use ALSA
and RPM detected that, and I don't know how to stop it requiring it.

It also requires libxml and all the usual latest GNOME/GTK stuff


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