Gnumeric 0.20 is out

Hello guys,

   I have just released Gnumeric 0.20, this version is just a bug fix.
Ian Campbell found a rather bad bug in the new substraction code which
was prodcuing incorrect results.

   This release fixes this.  All users of Gnumeric 0.18 and 0.19 are
urged to upgrade to this version.

   Also in the previous announcement I incorrectly said that various
statistical functions were written by Jukka-Pekka.  Some of those
functions were written actually by Vladimir Vuksan.  Thanks to Jukka
for quickly pointing out this.

   I got confused, I apologize for this problem.

* Mailing list

   Many people have been contacting me personally about Gnumeric.  You
should know that there is a mailing list devoted to Gnumeric, you can
subscribe by sending a message containing the word "subscribe" to 

* Availability:

Best wishes,

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