GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.29 is released

Hello, fans of the Master Session,

Version 4.5.29 of the GNU Midnight Commander has just been released by
the MC team.  This version includes a rewrite of the CORBA and session
management facilities in the GNOME edition of the file manager, and it
should be much more stable now.

* Availability:

* New features:

	- Rewritten CORBA and session management support.  This is
          almost complete right now, and it should be more stable than
          previous versions.  Please report any weird or incorrect
          behavior (Federico Mena).

* Bug fixes:

	- Better "you are running this as root!" dialog (Jonathan

	- Compilation fixes for OS/2 (Asbjorn Pettersen).

	- Printable character fixes (Norbert Warmuth).

	- VFS compilation fixes (Norbert Warmuth).

Have fun,


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