Gnumeric 0.21 is out

Hello guys,

   I know, I know.  Too many releases for a day.

   But many good things have been done, and we want all of these
features to be available ASAP to all of you :-).

	1. Morten Welinder implemented a more accurrate algorithm for
	   the variance functions.  Very cool stuff for those into
	   using variances in your daily stuff :-)

	2. Michael Meeks send me lots of updates and changes to Gnumeric:

		a. Column Sorting.
		b. Better dragging of text areas.
		c. Updated documentation on writing functions.
		d. Uses floats on number-entry if the number is
	  	   too large (instead of overflowing like it was doing).
		e. Updated function documentation to mention optional parameters.

   I promise I will be quiet now for a few days.  I really do.

* Availability:


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