GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.28 is released

Hello, lovers of high-fructose file managers,

Version 4.5.28 of the GNU Midnight Commander has been released by the
MC team.  This is mainly a bugfix release, with a couple new features
thrown in.

* Availability:

* New features:

	- The internal editor has been brought up to date with
          Cooledit 3.9.0.  Syntax rules are no longer hardcoded (Paul

	- Now you can configure the desktop background from the
          desktop popup menu (Jonathan Blandford).

	- Now distribution makers and package builders can set up a
          default desktop using a configuration file (Miguel de

	- Now you can create new launchers on the desktop (Jonathan

	- New ha file system (Valery Kornienkov).

* Bug fixes:

	- Compilation fixes for builddir != srcdir (Nuno Ferreira).

	- Miscellaneous Makefile fixes (Timur Bakeyev and Federico

	- Improved progress dialog (Jonathan Blandford and Federico

	- Tree behavior fixes (Jonathan Blandford).

	- Now you can configure icons again (Federico Mena).

	- The tree is now much faster (Paul Raines).

	- Switching between views in text mode should not crash (Timur

Have fun,


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