Gnome-core 1.0.4 is released

Hello, lovers of low-calorie gadgetry,

The GNOME team has just released version 1.0.4 of the gnome-core
module.  The panel applets have got a lot of enhancements, and the
session manager got a big overhaul.

* Availability:

* New features:

	- Lots of enhancements to the battery applet (Nat Friedman).

	- Themes for the Afterstep clock applet (Beat Christen).

	- New "another clock" analog clock applet (Iņigo Serna).

	- Drag and drop for the drivemount applet (John Ellis).

	- Enhancements to the GNOME pager applet (George Lebl).

	- New Game of Life applet (George Lebl).

	- Ability to reset a terminal (Michael Zucchi).

	- Ability to select a window manager with an environment
          variable (Martin Baulig).

	- Korean version of the help browser documentation (Sung-Hyun

* Bug fixes:

	- Lots of fixes to the menu editor (John Ellis, Nat Friedman).

	- Misc. fixes to gnome-terminal (Erik Troan, Miguel de Icaza).

	- Lots of fixes and enhancements to the session manager (Felix

	- Misc. fixes to the panel (George Lebl).

Please note that if you install this, you will want to install a new
version of the control-center as well.  The new control-center will be
released shortly.

Have fun,


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