Gnome-libs 1.0.5 released

Hello, lovers of exotic primates,

The GNOME team has just released version 1.0.5 of the gnome-libs
module.  This is mainly a bugfix release.

* Availability:

* New features:

	- For developers only:  now you can run configure with
          --disable-gtk-doc, and then gnome-libs will not try to build
	  the HTML documentation from the SGML sources.  This is of no
	  concern to users, since the pre-packaged HTML files will be
	  installed correctly (Martin Baulig).

* Fixes:

	- Fixed stale references to the GNOME name server (Miguel de

	- #include fixes in the .idl files (Elliot Lee).

	- Gnome-config and gnome-scores fixes (George Lebl).

	- Const-correctness fixes for gnome-fileconvert (Miguel de

	- Canvas event propagation and item destruction fixes
          (Federico Mena).

	- Accelerator/menu fixes (Tim Janik).

	- Fixed ordering of some operations in gnome-client (Felix

	- Sanity checks for random parts of the libgnomeui code
          (George Lebl and Pavel Machek).

	- Correctness and permissions fixes in gnome-pty-helper (Erik

Please note that you may want to upgrade to Gtk+-1.2.1, since it has
some menu accelerator fixes as well.  You will get a big loud warning
if you don't upgrade :-)



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