GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.27 is released

Hello, file manager lovers

Version 4.5.27 of the GNU Midnight Commander has been released by the
MC team.

* Availability:

* New features:

	- The Open With dialog honors .order files for the tree
          hierarchy (Jonathan).

	- New and prettier dialog boxes for Symlink and Edit Symlink

	- Ability to center column contents in the list view in text
          mode (Timur).

	- The GNOME edition outputs a big warning if you run gmc as
          root (Jonathan).

* Bug fixes:

	- IconSet handling fixes (Federico).

	- A unsuccessful mount no longer opens up a panel (Miguel).

	- Properties dialog works again for icons (Jonathan).

	- Better updating of the progress bars for file operations (Greg).

	- Miscellaneous fixes (everyone).

Have fun,


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