gtop 1.0.2 ("The Failsafe Release") has been released

Hello, you people walking under the Sun

GTop 1.0.2 "The Failsafe Release" has been made.

* Availability:

* Major new features:

	- This is the first release of GTop that has at least minimal
	  support for Solaris and other systems that are not yet

	- This means, if LibGTop doesn't have some feature, GTop will
	  ignore this feature - but not attempt to divide by zero or
	  do other bad things.

* What you'll get:

	- A GTop that works with the `stub' sysdeps code of LibGTop;
	  that is, you can at least see the Filesystem Usage.

* Who needs to upgrade:

	- People on Solaris and other systems without a LibGTop port
	  were you were not able to use GTop at all before.

	- All people who want to help me with the Solaris port of LibGTop.

* What it is not:

	- This release is only interesting for people who were not able
	  to use GTop at all before.

	- There is no reason to upgrade if you already have a working GTop.

	- A GTop that really "works" on Solaris; until the Solaris port
	  of LibGTop is ready it will only display things that are
	  already implemented and ignore the rest.

* Technical Details:

	- On startup, GTop checks which features LibGTop has on the
	  current system.

	- In the properties dialog, all features that aren't supported
	  by LibGTop are set insensitive and ignored by the code.

	- It does no longer attempt to divide by zero if LibGTop does
	  not provide certain features.

Keep on dreaming you people walking under the Sun ...
Solaris LibGTop is coming soon,
Martin Baulig - -

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