Gnome-games 1.0.2 has been released

Hello all,
The GNOME team has just released version 1.0.2 of the gnome-games

* Availability:

* What is new:

	* AisleRiot:
		- New games, including:
			- Union square
			- Westhaven
			- Royal east
			- Scorpion
			- Thumb and pouch

		- Undo/Redo should now reliably work for most games.

		- Lots more online help / documentation.

		- Bug fixes.

	* Freecell:

		- Deals are now (more) random.  The King of Spades isn't always
		  in the upper left.

		- You can no longer undo your last winning move, so you can't
		  cheat by playing this move over and over.

		- No more duplicate dialogs, dialogs are bound to freecell
		  window so they don't disappear.

		- Spelling/wording corrections, bug fixes.

	* Gnibbles:

		- New splash screen.  :-)

		- Scores are only logged if you start on the first level.

		- You can now set all 4 worms colors without weird errors
		  popping up.

		- You can now change some preferences while the game is

		- Bug fixes.

	* Gnometris:

		- Standardized menu structure, key bindings.

		- Dialogs bound to main window.

	* Gnomine:
		- Configuration now uses a property box.

Ian Peters		"The farther you go, the less you know."				-- Lao Tsu, "Tao Te Ching"

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