Gnome-libs 1.0.4 has been released

Hello, lovers of bugfix releases

The GNOME team has just released version 1.0.4 of the gnome-libs

* Availability:

* Major new features:

	- gnome-moz-remote: Now makes sure it uses a local copy of
          Mozilla for local URLs (i.e. "file:" ones).  Now uses GNOME
          WM hints if available to look for client windows (James

	- Users should now be able to properly customize their menu
          accelerators on the fly, and they should be saved correctly
          upon termination of the topmost gtk_main() loop (Tim Janik).

	- Zvt now supports selection when scrolling (Michael Zucchi).

* Minor fixes:

	- Making of documentation files now works for srcdir !=
          builddir (Raja Harinath).

	- gnome-moz-remote no longer depends on -lXmu or -lXt (James

	- Canvas item bounding and icon list button event fixes
          (Richard Hult).

	- Dialogs in gnome-dialog-util now get the correct focus
          (Federico Mena).

	- Timeout removal fixes in gnome-icon-list and
          gnome-pixmap-entry (George Lebl).

Have fun,


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