File Manager: mc-4.5.25 is out

* Availability:

This version is mainly a bug fix release.  So many bugs are gone, it
is impressive ;-)

* New in this version:

	* Desktop internals reworked (Federico, Jonathan).

	  Now, the desktop is from the file manager's point of view,
	  another Panel, but without the panel ;-)

	  This means that you will get the same popup menus that you
	  get in a panel, and you will be able to operate on groups of
	  icons, just like in the panels.

	* Will use a clock cursor while launching programs from the
	  desktop (Federico)

	* Viewer toolbar sync (Federico)

	  The File Viewer has a consistent toolbar and menu now and
	  has accelerators as well. 

	* Device mounting has been fixed for all the reported cases.
	  Please, run "rescan devices" and tell me if you have any

	* New Open With dialog box (Jonathan)

	* New NFS icon from Tigert :-)

	* Many many many bug fixes from the bug tracking system.

	* Support for Glibc 2.1 systems (Jakub)

	* DEB package brower VFS updated.


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