ANNOUNCE: new versions of pygtk and gnome-python

I have released new versions of pygtk (python bindings for GTK) and
gnome-python (python bindings for GNOME -- includes pygtk).  It is mainly
a bug fix release, but there are a few new features including:
  - wrappers for gnome_canvas_item_affine_relative and absolute.  I also
    added a module gnome.affine that can be used to help construct the
    affine transformations from simpler ones.
  - It should be possible to build the package with srcdir != builddir
  - If you set the environment variable PYGTK_FATAL_EXCEPTIONS to a non
    null value before starting the a pygtk program, an exception in a
    signal handler or callback will cause the event loop to exit as well.
    This is useful for debuging scripts with debuggers like pdb, as you
    get access to the traceback.
  - Miscelaneous bugfixes.

Pygtk will soon be up on:

and gnome-python (which includes pygtk) is available at:

Both packages are also available from my ftp area at:

James Henstridge.


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